Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great savings on your groceries...

Grocery University teaches EVERYTHING you need to know about cutting your grocery bills in half or more. I have been following these principles for a couple of years now and we have saved so much money!!
Grocery University is offering a huge discount for Cyber Monday. From now until 6am tomorrow you can get the whole program for only $5.00! As tomorrow progresses the price will go up to as high as $9.00 which is still more then half off! Go check out Grocery University if you want to save on your groceries in a major way!

Big news!!

We are having our third child this summer. We are all very excited. I haven't been on the computer hardly at all the last couple of months. Looking at the screen makes me sick to my stomach. I think I am starting to feel better and plan on posting about our adventures as new homeschoolers soon.